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Top Roll translates Up/Down, both Lateral Rolls translate Laterally In/Out, all move on efficient and robust linear guides. This versatile, compact design allows changing the "roller to work-piece" contact points as production requirements dictate. PCO Rolls are ideal for medium to heavy duty rolling applications.


  • A perfect synthesis of bending precision and rolling power is provided
    with our PCO Series Plate Rolls
  • Plate thickness range on our PCO Variable Geometry Machines allow rolling of
    thicker plate versus a four roll unit of a similar prebending rating.
  • The PCO Variable Translating Geometry incorporates the best features of single pinch,
    double pinch and true pyramid type rolls into one single efficient machine


  • Both ends of the plate are pre-bent without need for removal from the machine
  • More secure pre-bending operation over a four roll geometry
  • Lower rolls are equipped with heavy duty brakes to eliminate risk of back travel
  • Sheet tail maintains a flat or low incline in pre-bending operations, unlike 4 roll designs
  • Overpressure risk is minimized since the top roll thrust is downward like a press

    BENEFITS of Parmiginai's PCO Translating Geometry Rolls

  • PCO models include over 25 standard sizes to accommodate various production requirements, custom builds available
  • Tremendous rolling power is achieved when the distance between the lower rolls is increased. Thus, a lower initial investment yields a higher capacity range
  • Decreasing the distance between the lower rolls provides optimal prebending capabilities while also ensuring positive drive of the plate through the machine. These benefits rival those of more expensive four roll designs
  • PCO Rolls use a Proportional Balancing System (PPS), using precision digital system for positioning and balancing of all three rolls within a tolerance of 0.004" (0.1mm). Our PPS Hydrotronic System is virtually maintenance free using HMI and CPU/PLC to insure positive real time parallelism.
  • Controls include Active Extended Diagnostics on the Touch Panel for instant fault detection instead of time consuming troubleshooting.
  • The Parmigiani FACILE advanced wiring system uses "plug & play" cables, connectors and distribution modules
  • Lower working heights mean many models do not require foundations. Eventual
    foundation requirements are shallower and narrower than that of a four roll machine
  • Top Roll & Lower rolls (all three rolls) incline for cone rolling
  • Using the top roll as a press, cone forming capacity approaches 100% of machine capacity
  • Dual Speed movements on all 3 rolls for precision positioning are standard
  • Optional Lateral Supports, Overhead Supports and Plate Centering Shifters are available in various configurations

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