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  Vertical Format 3 & 4 Roll Plate Rolls

  Carell Provides 3 & 4 Roll Vertical Plate Rolls that are designed for
Combination Vertical & Horizontal Use or Dedicated Vertical Use Only.


  Vertical Format Tank Production Systems
Using coil stock and/or flat plate,
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    Increasing Your Competitive Advantage
In the highly competitive market of tank and silo fabrication and manufacturing, where profit margins are often times slim to say the least, companles seek every advantage possible. Any competitor with even the slightest advantage, drives down costs for those who are behind the curve and makes the market that much more difficult to compete in. With this In mind, more companies are opening their eyes to the benefits offered by using Vertical Systems for Tank Production
    Significantly Reduce Time,
Labor  & Skill Level Requirements

One of the key considerations in any production and manufacturing facility is the cost or labor. This varies by market and can be influenced by factors such as: available work force work force education, and other available jobs to name but a few. Vertical Systems for Tank Production offer the Tank Builder the advantage or not only reducing necessary labor but also reducing the dependency on skilled labor.
In the Vertical System for Tank Production format, during the shell forming process, a shell can be rolled, cut, welded and removed with as little as one or two operators, with two being the Ideal number. This same process using traditional methods can take up to four workers, often of a higher skill set when welding is done manually.
During the shell alignment and circumferential welding process, only one operator Is necessary. This represents another reduction over traditional methods that can again require up to four or more employees with higher skill sets

    Reclaim Valuable Space & Storage Areas
Other important factors to any manufacturing facility are material storage and amount or space used for production. With the Vertical System for Tank Production footprint, operating space is quite often reduced by fifty percent or more. It can be true for some applications that more overhead space is necessary; however, this Is still a benefit long term when compared to overall floor space.
Since most systems operate on coil material as opposed to plate stock, the amount or space used tor material storage is drastically reduced, thus making the storage process neater, Quicker and overall more efficient.


           Safety Hazards Greatly Reduced No more unbent flats or straights Interchangeable Cells

    Our Vertical Tank Production Systems
are configured to fit your current & future production needs.

They include "cells" to produce tank shells in the vertical format from coil stock with automatic
plasma cut off and vertical seam welding, weld tops & bottoms to the tank, form tank legs and form + weld external refrigeration circuits. Additional Cells can circularly weld shell to shell, planish or grind the circular on vertical weld seams, satinize-clean shell surfaces & exteriors and more!


• Reduce Your Labor Costs
• Increase Production Rates & Efficiency
• Lower Your Handling Costs & Time
• Reduce Shop Space Requirements
• Versatile, In-House and/or in the Field Production for Tanks 6' to 100' + Ø
• Eliminate Ferrous to Non-Ferrous Cross Contamination
• You Select Welding-Cutting Methods and OEM's



Join the ranks of fabricators both large and small worldwide
who have increased quality and production rates while reducing costs.

Some Countries where our Vertical Systems are may be found:
United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Russia,
Ukraine, Algeria, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England and more…

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