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CARELL Offers Dishing Presses 200, 300, 400 Tons and Circular Flanging/Shearing solutions up to 32' diameter.

Carell Dishing Presses Range From 2' to 13' Tank Head Diameters

Tank Production Technology Solutions

These products complement Carell's Tank Production Technology selection offering our customers complete tank and vessel manufacturing solutions. The Carell Dishing Presses are designed for a tank head diameter range from 2’ to 13’ and can be paired with shell forming solutions, circular weld seam alignment, welding, planishing, and shell surface cleaning options to increase your productivity. Manipulators for dishing presses are available in 1.5 and 3.5 ton capacities and can be retrofitted to work with existing presses. The Carell CB5000 Circular Shearing & Flanging machine extends the tank head production range up to 32’ in diameter. Carell Corporation offers complete Tank Production Technology Solutions for tank and vessel manufacturing. Machines are manufactured in Italy by IMCAR, S.P.A.

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