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Seam Welders from3' to 25' long can be Plasma, TIG, MIG, or Sub Arc. Our units are custom built to fit our customer's applications

Seam Welders & Welding Manipulators

Machine types include horizontal, fixed work piece, mobile torch units or precision controlled mobile torch manipulators with vertical and horizontal strokes of up to 12'. In addition, circular seam welders are available with fixed torch and mobile work piece configurations. Circular seam diameters may range from 12" to 100' and can handle either horizontal or vertical oriented circular seams. Horizontal Seamers can be built for inside or outside welds. The seam alignment bar is hydraulically or pneumatically actuated and the gap is maintained by pneumatic or hydraulic clamps. Copper backer bar is ported for coolant and shielding gas. Roller bearing material supports permit easy insertion and extraction of the work piece whether it is a tube or flat plates to be joined.

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